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Virgin River

Hey, I am back with another incredible web series. Virgin River is the latest web series I have watched. It is, indeed, now one of my all-time favorite series. Let’s find out whether Virgin River is the best pick for you or not. And for that, all you have to do is to be withContinue reading “Virgin River”

Stranger Things

HEY, well yes, ”Stranger things” is the first web series experience I want to share with you all because it was the first web series I watched on an OTT platform. Don’t worry I am not going to unfold any of the suspense & instead of killing your curiosity, will try to create a newContinue reading “Stranger Things”

More Insightful

HEYA!!!So as the name suggests, I am a binge-watcher. I love to spend my free time watching some great web series and movies as they freshen up and energize me to do my other things more effectively. My “go-to” recreational activity is (…. drum roll please….)obviously binge-watching something that is both entertaining and refreshing. MyContinue reading “More Insightful”

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